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Internship/Thesis Marketing & Sales

What does Horrex do

We are a strong growing international manufacturer of windows, skylights, refrigerators, blind and flyscreen systems for campers and caravans. Horrex was founded 35 years ago and has a good market position in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North-America. The markets Horrex is focusing on are really dynamic and they offer a great perspective for the future. Current trends as vacation in your own country will for sure cause an increase in people who go camping. This will offer big potential to serve a new group of customers. Also the upcoming Vanconversion market brings younger people closer to camping and creates a whole new target group. At the moment we are doing business with OEM’s, converters, wholesalers and dealers in more than 26 countries.


Our headquarters are in Vlaardingen. We also have premises in the United States and China. In Vlaardingen we are working with an international team who take care of Marketing & Sales, Purchasing, R&D, Finance and Supply Chain. The past years Horrex was focused on constant development of new high-end products and product combinations for our current target market but also other markets. Due to this we have also started different start-ups all connected to our vision Driving Change that design and produce compact electric bikes and Slide Out systems.


Our vision for the future is not only developing our current portfolio at Horrex and our start-ups Clike, InnoSlide and VanCasco+ but also production of new and innovative products.


Available spots

Every semester we have internships and thesis assignments available for sales, marketing and communication students for Horrex or the startups Clike, InnoSlide and VanCasco+.


Starting August/September 2022 we have multiple assignments/internships available on location. Hereunder a list of potential internship/thesis topics:


  1. Internship all-round sales and marketing department support

  2. Market research into new potential products and markets

  3. Marketing content and promotions development

  4. Webshop, aftersales network and visibility in aftercare development

  5. Online media and website development for ClikeBikes

  6. Clike2Work sales plan development


You are welcomed to bring us your own topic ideas.


What are we looking for

At Driving Change we are always looking for motivated, enthusiastic students who are not afraid to work on challenging assignments. An internship with us offers a lot of freedom and responsibility combined with an excellent supervision. We also offer an internship compensation. Thesis graduates at our company score an average graduation grade of 8 or higher. For more details check out our student plan page: .


Interested in one of the assignments? Send an email with your motivation and cv to

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